Truck Driver Bursts into Tears When Reunited with Lost Cat After 5 Months

Matthew and his cat, Ashes, had been the best of friends since the moment they met.

Matthew is a truck driver and Ashes had routinely been Matthew’s co-pilot companion on many cross-country road trips. The two were inseparable and shared a special bond having traveled countless miles together.

It wasn’t until one day that a routine trip suddenly went south. Ashes and Matthew were traveling through Springfield, OH one summer when they stopped at a convenience store. Ashes unexpectedly slipped out of the truck into the store parking lot. Frightened and confused, Ashes ran into the nearby bushes and disappeared.

Matthew was devastated. He searched everywhere for his traveling companion but couldn’t find him. It broke Mathew’s heart to leave without Ashes, but he had no choice.

Matthew was determined to find his best friend. He restructured his routes frequently in the following months so he could come back to the same spot and continue to search for Ashes. But each time, he’d leave the convenience store empty handed with an Ashes-shaped hole in his heart.

Fast forward 5 months later. A woman named Kimberly was moving back to New York from the west coast. As she was returning to her car when she noticed a slender gray cat peeking through the bushes.

After asking around for anyone who may have lost a gray cat, Kimberly was feared for his safety and knew he couldn’t be left out in the cold. She picked him up and welcomed him to a nice warm blanket in her car.

The cat was in fact microchipped! The chip’s information said that he was registered with an owner in Texas. When Matthew was contacted with the news, he was overwhelmed with joy. 

He was so relieved to know that his beloved Ashes was safe and receiving treatment in Rochester, NY. A little over a week after Ashes arrived at Lollypop Farms, it was time for him and Matthew to be reunited.

Matthew’s truck stopped in front of the rescue, he walked inside, and locked eyes with Ashes. Ashes undoubtedly recognized him. He leaped right into Matthews arms and started cuddling his dad. “I had been thinking about Ashes every day,” said Matthew.

Kimberly was proud to be a part of the reunion. Witnessing the beautiful reunion between Matthew and Ashes brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

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