Man Completely Loses It When He Finds Out He Can Keep His Foster Dog

Toby was discovered after wandering into an auto repair shop in South Korea on his own one day, most likely after being abandoned by his prior owner.

He was transported to a shelter, but because it was winter and the shelter didn’t have enough inside kennel space, Toby had to spend most of his time outside, suffering the hard winter cold with minimal protection.

Toby was eventually saved from the shelter by Band For Animal, a rescue organization that fights to save dogs from the Korean dog meat trade and other dangerous situations.

He was transferred to the rescue’s safe house in South Korea before being airlifted to the United States, where he was swiftly put with a foster family — who had no idea just how much they were going to love him.

Ann Hoang really wanted to add a second dog to her family, but her husband wasn’t sure whether they could manage it, so they decided to start with fostering.

They decided that if fostering went well, they would ultimately acquire another rescue dog. That was their intention until they met Toby.

Toby was terrified and apprehensive about his new parents and siblings when he first arrived in his foster home. He wouldn’t come out of his box at first, and even when he did, he was afraid to sit or lie down, preferring to just stand around, starring at all his new family members.

They were patient with him, though, and lavished him with love and attention as he could handle. Before long, he realized he was safe, and fell in love with his new home and everyone in it — especially his foster dad.

“At first, my husband was wary of Toby since he was quite cautious, and this was our first foster experience,” Hoang explained to The Dodo. “However, by the [first] evening, Toby had knelt down next to my husband and gazed up at him with his puppy dog eyes, and my husband saw God’s goodness in Toby’s face.” From then on, Toby appeared to gravitate toward my husband.”

Toby’s genuine personality began to show through once he felt at ease, and his entire foster family fell in love with him. He and his dog sister Charlie started bickering and snuggling like they’d known one other for years, and even after only a week, it was clear how nicely Toby fit into the family dynamic.

The intention had always been to just foster Toby for a short period of time, but Hoang quickly realized that wasn’t going to work, especially for her husband.

“We had two families that wanted to meet with Toby, and when that happened, I just understood how devastated my husband would be without him,” Hoang said. “Even though it had only been a week, my husband and Toby were inseparable. My spouse is such a generous person who constantly puts others ahead of himself. He’s never actually asked for or wanted anything in particular. Toby was the first event when I could see he’d be upset if he didn’t have him.”

Hoang made the decision to legally adopt Toby as a surprise for her husband. She phoned the rescue to inform them, and they were overjoyed and willing to assist her with the wonderful idea.

Because the rescue needed to send someone out to complete a home check before the adoption could be finalized, Hoang decided to inform her husband that a possible adopter was coming to meet Toby.

Hoang offered the rescuer a card to deliver to her husband on the visit and as soon as he started reading it and realized what was going on, he lost it.

Everyone, including the rescuer, began to cry before long. Toby knelt next to his father and attempted to console him, not realizing that he was sobbing because he loved Toby so much.

Toby had clearly made a great impression on Hoang’s husband in the little amount of time he’d spent with him, and as soon as he knew Toby was his forever, he couldn’t keep his emotions in check. It was a wonderful moment, and it was a clear indication that Toby had finally found his ultimate home.

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