Ignored Special Kitten Happy to be Adopted by Someone Who Loves Her Uniqueness

When a special tabby kitten entered a local shelter’s doors, the staff members couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. 

The kitten, later named Penny, was understandably scared and confused by what was happening. The shelter staff could tell that Penny suffered from physical complications on top of her emotional stress.

When Penny arrived at the shelter, the staff noticed that she looked different from the other cats. Penny had a cleft palate and was experiencing some respiratory issues that could potentially lower her quality of life. 

They provided her with everything they could to make her time at the shelter more comfortable. They feared that people would be less interested in Penny because of her unique face and special needs.

As fortune would have it, a woman named Kristie visited the shelter looking for a cat to adopt. Curious about the cat with the cleft palate, Kristie insisted on meeting the kitten. 

As soon as they met, Kristie knew this sweet little kitten belonged with her. Penny was perfectly imperfect. Kristie filled out an adoption application right then and there. She was approved and went home with Penny the very same day!

After officially adopting Penny, Kristie realized that Penny was still experiencing several health problems. Kristie wasted no time giving Penny everything she needed and more, hoping to give her the life she deserved.

Kristie showered Penny with extra love and attention. She was taken to the vet where she received proper medical treatment. Slowly but surely, Penny recovered from most of her symptoms, both physical and emotional. 

Penny’s personality started to shine through as she felt more secure in her new forever home. It didn’t take long for Penny to blossom into the charming tabby she was destined to be! 

Since becoming a part of Kristie’s family, Penny has been living nothing but the good life! Penny can finally rest easy knowing she’s in good hands. She’s definitely enjoying the perks of being an only child!

Kristie made Penny’s pound-to-princess fairytale come true. She’s so grateful she ended up with a loving family who gives her the wonderful life she deserves!

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