Dog Tangled In Sheet Gives Sweetest ‘Thank You’ To The Cop Who Saved Her

It’s unclear how this unfortunate puppy became hopelessly wrapped in a piece of cloth outside her Chilean house.

But there’s little dispute about who deserves credit for rescuing her. And it’s evident she’s aware of it as well.

Giovanni Domke of the Carabineros de Chile police force was alerted to the dog’s situation by neighbors who had heard her urgent cries for help.

“The neighbors informed me that the homeowners were not there,” Domke told Fernanda Familiar. “I got a knife from a neighbor and jumped inside the home to save the dog.”

As Domke tried to free her, the terrified dog was naturally hesitant, even nibbling at his outstretched arm. Domke, on the other hand, persisted — and his perseverance paid off.

Domke earned the sweetest reward for his efforts, as seen by footage of the dramatic scene. “We are where we are most needed,” officials subsequently wrote online, in a message that has now received widespread acclaim for Domke’s brave acts.

“What a lovely gesture from the cop,” one reviewer said. “And the dog’s gesture was much more lovely!” Definitely a work well done.

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