Dog Follows His Kids To School And Ends Up In The Principal’s Office

Sandy has been with his family since he was a puppy, and he is devoted to them. He constantly wants to know where everyone is so he can keep an eye on things and make sure the people he cares about are safe.

“He wants to be engaged in everything we do,” Sandy’s mother, Karen Manthey, told The Dodo. “He’s saddened every time someone in our family leaves him. On camping excursions, if the family is split (i.e., half the family is at the lake.5 mile away and the other in the campground), he’ll spend all of his time running back and forth to make sure everyone is safe.”

Sandy constantly attempts to follow the kids as they walk to school every day. He occasionally sneaks out the door and begins strolling with them, but they usually catch him and send him back before he gets too far. He just wants to go to school with kids so he can keep an eye on them all day.

Sandy was feeling really sneaky one day, and his kids were busy, so he managed to sneak out of the home and all the way to school without anybody knowing.

Sandy came at school with his children, and everyone thought it was hilarious, so they sent him directly to the principal’s office to wait for his mother to come and pick him up.

When they couldn’t reach her, they let one of his children walk him back, and his mother was surprised when the guilty dog got home.

“I didn’t notice he was absent until my daughter came home with Sandy,” Manthey explained. “The school attempted to contact me, but my phone was switched off, and my neighbor who was at the school snapped the infamous picture of him to ask if he was mine. Because we live so close, the school allowed my daughter to run him home. They were both thrilled with the adventure.”

Sandy didn’t seem to feel bad at all, despite the fact that he had fled from home and gone to school without permission. He was actually rather happy with himself.

“When he got home, he was ecstatic about the day’s experiences,” Manthey added. “I imagine he’ll try twice as hard to slip away with the kids again.”

They were sorry that Sandy had inadvertently made a disturbance and came by the school to apologize and see if there was anything she could do to make it up to them. However, no one at the school was bothered by it in the least. They were, in fact, quite entertained.

“They laughed a lot,” Manthey remarked. “When I arrived to apologize and pay for the blinds, their nice school janitor had already fixed them.” Instead, they just requested that I email the image to them. “It was requested by the office ladies.”

Sandy is typically quite adept at adhering to the rules. He only wanted to make sure his kids were okay since he adores them.

“He’s actually extremely obedient,” remarked Manthey. “His love simply occasionally triumphs over his obedience instruction.”

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