Boy Finds Tiny Puppy Alone And Shivering Outside His House

Tyri Allen, 17, was heading home from school in Los Angeles in late December when he noticed a fuzzy brown creature beneath a parked truck. He knelt down to have a better look — and saw the smallest speck of a dog hidden in the shadows.

The puppy weighed only about 2 pounds, and every inch of his little frame was trembling and quivering.

Allen looked for the puppy’s family but couldn’t identify a mother or siblings. The puppy was alone — and Allen knew he couldn’t abandon him.

“He crawled under the vehicle and snatched him up,” Piper Thomas, founder of the California rescue group Hand in Paw, told The Dodo. “The dog was just kind of frozen and trembling, so grabbing him wasn’t difficult.”

Allen’s family, thankfully, didn’t protest when he welcomed the stray dog into their house, and they all worked together to care for him.

“He hadn’t even started eating solid food yet — they were syringe-feeding him wet food,” Thomas explained. “They brought him to the vet and had him dewormed, and he got his first round of vaccines when he was old enough.”

Bruno, the puppy, rapidly warmed up to Allen and his family, developing into a joyous, energetic dog.

“Tyri did an excellent job of caring for him,” Thomas remarked. “He immediately transformed from a very fearful puppy to a very confident puppy.”

Allen and his family realized they couldn’t keep Bruno, no matter how much they loved him. They already had two dogs and didn’t think they could devote enough time to Bruno. So they contacted Thomas.

“His father happens to work with my husband, so he knows what I do,” Thomas explained. “He called me and begged me to take him so we could find him a suitable home.”

Thomas consented, and she took Bruno home with her until she could find him a new home. Bruno hit it off right away with Thomas’ husky, Luna.

“Bruno is hilarious,” Thomas commented. “He’s just around four pounds now, and my husky is about 50 pounds, and they play so hard.” He crawls on top of her, biting her all over, and she treats him with such gentleness. He is, nevertheless, quite confident and works well with dogs of all sizes. He has a big personality, but he’s also really loving – and he loves, loves, loves to play. He enjoys running around and generally being a nuisance.”

Allen is solely responsible for Bruno’s excellent fortune. But it’s not just Allen who has changed Bruno’s life; Bruno has also changed Allen’s.

“His father stated Tyri wants to start saving all the pets,” Thomas explained. “He certainly saw that there was a major problem and that he could do more to help… so I told him he may join my team at any moment.”

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