निषेधाज्ञा अवधिका लागि नेपाल टेलिकमले ल्यायो डाटा सुविधाहरु

Kathmandu. During the ban, Nepal Telecom has brought various attractive data facilities for the customers.

Depending on the usage, the company has introduced various features that can be used both long and short term and are expected to be very useful.

What are the features?
One GB on Day with Bonus Voice Pack – This pack can run 1 GB of data every day for 28 days and talk for 14 minutes per day. Available at 649.- This pack is very popular as the client can use data and even communicate as required. To avail this offer you can dial * 1415 * 1 * 8 * 2 # from your mobile.

1.5 GB pack for 7 days – This pack is designed to use 1.5 GB data for 7 days. Nepal Telecom is providing this pack as an all time data pack at a total of Rs 95 under the spring offer. You can dial * 1415 * 1 * 1 * 4 # from your mobile to get this pack.

2 hours Unlimited Data Pack – This pack can be used to run unlimited data for 2 hours. Available at 30, you can dial * 1415 * 8 * 2 # from your mobile to get this data pack.

500 MB per day data pack – A total of 299. – This pack is available to use 500 MB of data every day for 28 days. You can dial * 1415 * 1 * 9 * 3 # from your mobile to get this pack.

Spokesperson Rajesh Joshi informed that data can be used on other mobiles or laptops by creating a hotspot through the data pack received on mobiles.

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