Thursday, September 23

YouTube to launch a new feature soon

Kathmandu, March 31. Content creators these days are often targeted with more dislikes than likes. People have made the ‘dislike’ button as a weapon to make online trolls and make fun of genuine content.

The whole experience could be quite discouraging for the content creators. Therefore, YouTube has come forward with a new feature that does not show the number of dislikes publicly. The dislike button will continue to exist but the number will only be visible in the YouTube studio by the creators.

In this way, viewers will still be able to dislike the videos and give recommendations to the creators to make the platform a better place and not only a target for online trolls.

Apart from that, YouTube is testing a new feature that will find all products featured in the video and will suggest you links to related products. They are also trying to link to e-commerce websites so that the viewers can reach to their desired products.

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